What's a WEY Team?

In Youth Ministry, there should always be a support system in place. It needs to be there for its students, and its adults. I needs to consist of people who are there for you, to help empower you and to encourage you. Our WEY Team is just that! This team consists of volunteers who help plan events, shuttle our ministry to and from events, they are there for our students, as well as helping out with fundraisers and events.

If you are interested in helping out with the youth ministry, please contact Pastor Jordan for details on how you too can support our students.

WEY team members

Meet our WEY Team! These adults are awesome, and are always looking to help grow our church's ministries.

  • Pastor Jordan and catie halstead

    Jordan and Catie are both Ohio Christian University Graduates with degrees in Youth Ministry and Disaster Management & Relief, respectively. They accepted the call into full time ministry here at West Enon Church of God in August 2017. They believe that ministry at its core starts with relationships and building into the lives of our students. Jordan is at the church full-time, so if you ever want to stop by, he'd be more than happy to see you.

  • roger and donna loy

    Roger and Donna are both graduates of Anderson University. They have served the church for many years in all sorts of manors, from helping lead the youth ministry to sitting on the church board. Roger and Donna love the Lord, the church and our student ministry.

  • Mike and Suzie Buddenberg

    Mike and Suzie have been married since 1999, and have one daughter, Tru. They play an active role in their daughter's life and in the life of the church. Mike and Suzie have a heart for our teenagers and want to see our ministry thrive and reach more students.

  • Casey mowen

    You might know this guy if you come on Wednesday nights. Casey is a huge part of the ministry, he either helps in the background or he's hanging out with our students. Casey has a love for God and a love for our ministry.

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